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Rachel & Andrew – Old Mill Inn, Cambridge, ON

Cambridge’s charming Old Mill Inn was the perfect venue for Rachel and Andrew’s elegant wedding ceremony and reception. Although the day was drizzly (and even a little snowy at times!), the magnificent waterfront view provided a gorgeous backdrop for friends and family to celebrate with the happy couple.










Apr 18 2013 Published by
Categories: event photography,photoshoots,wedding photography


Mont Echo Naturels product photoshoot

A fun shoot I recently worked on was for a lovely Quebec company called Mont Echo Naturels that creates natural skincare products made from sea buckthorn oil. Since they had just redesigned all of their packaging, they needed new pictures of the products that they carry. The resulting images were used on their website, in product brochures, and in subway ads (Montreal’s metro system). You can learn more about them at their website and see some other images from the shoot there too!



Artwork from the subway ad:



The Christmas Story

A long-standing Christmas tradition in Toronto is the Church of the Holy Trinity’s volunteer-run performance of the Nativity. December 2012 marked the 75th anniversary of The Christmas Story and the group reached out to me the previous year when they needed an event photographer to shoot a series of images from a live production for marketing and publicity purposes. The images I shot ended up being published in print publications such as newspapers and theatre events guides, as well as posters, postcards, and so on. Check it out the next time you’re in town!

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story (Church of the Holy Trinity)


Real Estate Interiors

During a recent real estate photography shoot in Montreal, I had an awesome time shooting this striking room.



Pennsylvania at dusk & dawn

This was my first time ever visiting Pennsylvania and I was struck by the beauty of its rural areas. This one lake/river area was particularly eerie, as thick drafts of fog rolled across the water’s surface.


Lakeside Reflections Before Dawn

Man Fishing at Sunrise

Sep 14 2012 Published by
Categories: lighting,photoshoots,travel photography
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A Taste of Summer

Mmmm, each day when I walk out into the garden, I find that there are new tomatoes ripening under the hot summer sun. Ever tried warm tomatoes right off the vine? It’s truly an entirely different sensory experience compared to what you get at the grocery store!


Different Colored Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato Life Cycle

Tomato and Pasta


Midnight snack…

Chocolate chip cookies & milk – do you really need much more?


Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Glass of Milk


Easter is here!

Happy Easter, everyone! Enjoy those creme eggs while they’re still in stores :)


Hidden Easter Egg


Beating the Winter Blahs

What do you do when the endless months of winter and snowstorm are finally threatening to beat you into submission? Simple. You fight back with the cheeriest thing you can think of. Luckily for me, today that happened to be strawberries and molten chocolate.  :)

Chocolate Poured onto Strawberry


Quebec City Skyline

If you’ve never visited Quebec City, add it to your travel wish-list. Easily one of the most charming cities in Canada!

Quebec City Skyline

Feb 02 2012 Published by
Categories: photography fun
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